Cloud Platforms-Cloud servers gives you more power to grow your business.

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Cloud Platforms

Cloud servers gives you more power to grow your business.

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Sirius cloud platform services enable a shift in your business' digital behaviour to meet the promise of tomorrow. We bring capability and depth of expertise on any cloud. We always advise and implement from a security-first approach, with a clear focus on application modernisation and value creation.

Sirius Cloud Platform

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Our optimized configuration process saves your team time when running and scaling distributed applications, AI & machine learning.

Public Cloud.

Applicable if you want your applications to run in Indonesian data centers. The platform is known as one of the superior open source cloud platforms because of its complete ecosystem and community, hence the platform development is known to be always updated, both in features and reliability

  • Suggested option if you are familiar with the open source environment .
  • Supported for IaaS solution that needs a data placement in local data centers and Pay-as-You-Go model.
  • Suitable for users who need a relatively economical solution.

Private Cloud.

Our private cloud is best suggested to users who need applications to run on separate hardware, usually driven by the need to meet regulatory compliance

  • Our private cloud allows you to create an integrated solution .
  • Our dedicated servers help the companies to have a customizable server environment that fits their needs.
  • We provide customized designs that is specifically made to your specific needs.

Powerful Cloud Platforms

Save time by building on the OS that suits your needs.

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